Wooyoungmi S/S 2016

Mood board: The space theme reappeared later in the day with Woo Youngmi and Katie Chung conjuring up a man who dreams of a lunar expedition. But rather than unwieldy space suits, they imagined a near-monochrome range of supple suiting and elevated sportswear, occasionally accented with utility detailing. Models marched around an inflated and illuminated sphere placed within the dark yet heavily ornamented Salon Imperial at the Intercontinental Hotel, underscoring the collision of past, present and future. An ambient score by Stu Sibley enhanced the cinematic effect.

Sound bite: ‘I wanted to talk about the very near future that is really going to happen very soon,’ says Chung. ‘And we have to be ready for it with our clothes. It’s a historical moment. It’s always been our dream. It should happen.’

Best in show: Chung explained that the vertically ridged nylon – internally dubbed the ‘seaweed’ fabric – was the result of steam; the controlled shrinking produced an intriguing surface, introducing newness to lightly structured jackets. Car coats, whether laminated or covered in finely quilted embroidery, stood out as travel friendly—for this planet, if not space. Meanwhile, the ruched jogging pants should be bookmarked now for future purchase; finessed but relaxed, they appeared dressed up with a silvery terry gilet or dressed down with rubberised knitwear.
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