Dice Kayek Summer 2016

Dice Kayek Summer 2016


Dice Kayek Couture Summer 2016  By Paulina Szmydke

Let the gimmicks, color-blocks and heavy crystal be a thing of the past. For spring, designer Ece Ege created depth and interest via pure form. The first exit — a double-breasted coatdress in pale pink with a Fifties frame color and elongated flap pockets — intrigued with its simplicity and carefully sculpted bottom, while a silver-gray pantsuit was a strong example of a rare kind — the couture look for the day. Ege said she took inspiration from fairy tales, her favorite type of literature — “Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan,” she recited backstage before the show, helping “Little Red Riding Hood” into an impressive construction featuring a cropped top with maxi puff sleeves and extra-bouncy skirt, both done in bonded wool for enhanced plasticity. Certainly, the silhouettes assumed supernatural shapes at times — a heavy, multilayered ice-gray coat with trail could have only been worn to the ball by the Snow Queen — but overall it was admirable how Ege manages to defy gravity. “We struggle against it every day. And every day we learn something new,” she noted.

photographie: Runway-Backstage-first look/line up © D.Maître&P.Therme


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