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Dice Kayek should be writing poetry, given the opening lines of the show notes handed out ahead of the Turkish  house’s couture show Thursday in Paris. »Like a pastoral symphony of blossoming girls in the shade of an autumn night, » began the pretty prose which elaborated on the half-girls, half-flowers, appearing in the deepening dusk in the garden.What, I could hear the Feminists cry and why therefore the gloomy basement of the Palais de Tokyo with its graffiti in the entrance which hardly resembled a garden?When would the dew speckled layers of roses, lilies and tulips appear, rendered in organza?Around 15.10, the flowers appeared in a spotlight in the darkened room, illuminating (like a Marlene Dietrich scene in a Hollywood film), a sculptural luxurious mini coat for a modern day Red Riding Hood, worn with bare legs and matching high heels.

More stylish than this play on the cocktail dress, was a stiff white cape of sorts that folded at one side, rather than opening down the middle, and a structured mini dress in white that looked like the model had stepped inside a piece of origami and tried it on for size. A model wearing a dress of golden bobbles with angel wings for arms, the Arch Angel Gabriel, perhaps, drew a few cheers and gave the show a wow factor moment. There was no pregnant wedding dress finale, a la Chanel earlier this week, but what looked like a walking take on the wedding cake instead. Think a short flowing layered dress, in a fly away white material, with a pink layer underneath that looked good enough to eat. As the flowers assembled to take their final bow, the folds of material and bunched gatherings on shoulders and hemlines made the young women look far from flower-like and, instead bold and fearless like the strong colors in this collection. Dice Kayek – judging by the show and capping a week in which collections ranged from dreadful silken sweatpants to equally awful mermaid sequined looks – has become one to watch for a bold, minimalist sculptured aesthetic that smacks of couture and craftsmanship.Call it poetry in motion.    http://DICE KAYEK/COUTURE F.WINTER 2014/15

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