Expand the field of vision

by opening a space fragmentation and re-composition of it through multiple pieces of a broken mirror and then glued (acted by the look of real breaks…) can enroll by occurrence used a narrative, let it work its own resolution plastic, speaking by itself, constitute a reconstructed time (Proustian anamnesis) in order to achieve a more open look, such was the intention plastic by implementation, in agreement with some about Max Beckmann, taken from his diary. It is question of the relationship that my photography has with reality and its image, the passage of the volume level, which makes sense, what twists and turns that finally the finished composition, which comes to be (by being) in the eye.

Eyes Wide Open is the changing world and its realities views on this side, testimony that the photograph is multiple. If we think in terms of consciousness plastic inherited from Cubism and modern painting (Cezanne to New Realism, Romanticism New Roman) formally defined this work refers to

a semiology of View,

Whereas photography is writing and she carries in her grammar, syntax, structure thought … beyond a sense widely applied in the social space, if not filled, covered, anemic … Inflation. Thus raising the issue of blindness and blindness. Two forces clash, then, the will and the urgency of the Show will see or against the reification and social will to close. Be yourself is to stand in this regard, awake to the world and its codes.

Extensive program of which this work is intended as a special witness!

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