Paris creative documentary photographer

I realise photo reports in many and various domains, of Fashion; the 120th of swarovski, Architecture, the Louis Vuitton Fondation ; the world of firms and company, portrait (corporate), as well as inside and outside decoration. Culture is also one of my main subjects just like Paris’s one  : Centre Pompidou’s gallery exposition, le Grand Palais and more, are places, subjects I like to seaze in my work.My work had been used in many Magazines : The Tango in Buenos Aires published in Press, Magazine de l’Optimum, ELLE decoration Croatia, Women’s Wear Daily ( photography reports of the Fashion Week ) Trax magazine ( Wheather Festival) in the music domain. In addition french gastronomy and wine can be sometimes the center of my interest. A particular art work was born from realisation of large photographic size called Fragmentation or « Méta-image » exposed in the SPARTS gallery, rue de Seine in Paris, and in Toronto Art Fair, as well as the four editions of the Festival Internationale de l’Image Environnementale de Paris.